Back in 2014, when the grand jury chose not to prosecute the officer that shot Michael Brown, There were violent protests in Ferguson Missouri. President Obama gave a speech saying that people protesting were right to be angry. He implied that justice wasn't done, but the process had to be respected. A lot of people (including me) felt his speech caused much of the violence against the police that followed.

Obama's speech.

Yesterday, President Trump gave a very similar speech. He basically said you are right to feel cheated and the election was stolen, but let's accept that we have been wronged.

Trump speech.

If you agree or disagree with one and don't feel the same way about the other, you need to take a long, hard look at your feelings and motives. Both, by failing to stand fully with the rule of law, made the problems worse. Both implied that there was legitimacy in a belief that had been disproven. Both implied that it is okay to act on feelings and beliefs even though the facts don't support those beliefs.

I don't accept the argument that it is okay because "They" started it. There have been 62 motions filed with different courts attempting to overturn elections in various states. Not a one of them actually accused anyone of fraud during the election. All of the talk of fraud has been outside of those motions.

I think the system is broken and I believe we need to get behind the Convention of States movement to establish term limits. States have rights. The process has never been used, but it is there for a reason. It is a safety net. It is a much better option than the chaos and anarchy that are developing. Convention of States website here.